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 Why Saint Augustine, Florida, should be on your next chartered flight itinerary


Florida is known to have a multitude of destinations flying enthusiasts love to visit due to its pristine beaches, warm weather, and a wide range of sightseeing options. However, one of the lesser-known places to visit in Florida is Saint Augustine. The small yet highly significant city has quite a standout of history and culture, which makes it a uniquely charming destination to explore. Here are a few reasons to plan your next chartered flight to Saint Augustine.


Rich Historical Significance

With a history spanning over 450 years, Saint Augustine is said to be the oldest continuously occupied European settlement in the mainland United States. The city has an incredibly well-preserved colonial-era architecture that highlights the influence of Spanish and British culture, making it one of the United States’ most intriguing historic districts. Visitors can also take a walking ghost tour to learn about Saint Augustine’s eerie past or visit the lighthouse and museum, which dates back to 1874.

Artistic Culture

Saint Augustine may be small, but its artistic scene is all-encompassing, making it the perfect destination for artists and enthusiasts. The city hosts monthly art walks, where local artists display and showcase their work. The Lightner Museum is another must-visit among art enthusiasts. It is a diverse museum, and it houses artwork collections that span centuries and heavily concentrate on American Gilded Age pieces.

Delicious Food Scene

Foodies rejoice! Saint Augustine is widely known for its culinary scene, which presents a fusion of Spanish and Southern cultures. The city offers international seafood, farm-to-table dining, authentic cuisine, and delicacies you can’t find anywhere else. Food enthusiasts should check out the Saint Augustine Seafood Company and Collage Restaurant while visiting the city.

Outdoor Activities

Saint Augustine isn’t all about history and art; there are plenty of outdoor activities to get in on, too! The city boasts several beautiful beaches, golf courses, fishing charters, and recreational water sports to keep visitors engaged. With year-round comfortable weather and scenic views, you don’t need to be an adventurer to have a great time. If you are looking for a thrill, the

Saint Augustine is truly a hidden gem in Florida that many people haven’t explored yet. The city is full of enriching activities and vibrant culture, perfect for anyone looking for a unique experience. So, if you’re planning your next chartered flight, don’t miss this fantastic destination. There is truly something and everything for everyone in Saint Augustine, making it an excellent addition to any itinerary.

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